Caring Connection Membership Eligibility Requirements

Caring Connection accepts new membership applications all year long.  Participation in the various giving campaigns depends on when the application is accepted.  The renewal process for active members takes place from January-March of each year.

 Eligibility Requirements

  • Be recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organization for at least 12 months prior to June 30, 2018.
  • Produce an annual report that is available to the public and contains: program information, financial reporting, and lists of key personnel and board members.
  • File a 990 form with the IRS.  If your organization files a 990 E-Z, you will be asked to complete a pro forma 990.
  • Be able to provide compiled financial information on request such as an audit, review, or profit and loss statement.
  • Be governed by a Board of Directors with at least five independent members.
  • Have a physical location, office hours, and a dedicated phone line.

In addition to these requirements, Caring Connection is seeking member agencies that demonstrate nonprofit excellence which can be measured by standards, including, but not limited to: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Governance
  • Regular Performance Assessments 
  • Transparent Financial Reporting
  • Robust Donor Acknowledgement Systems 
  • Stakeholder Communication

Caring Connection Member Agency Responsibilities

 All organizations must be prepared to meet the following requirements if accepted for membership: 

  • Agency Representative:
    Each member organization must appoint at least one person to serve as a representative to Caring Connection. This representative is responsible for understanding the partnership between the member agency and Caring Connection. It is the responsibility of the Agency Representative to instruct and prepare another representative to attend any meetings or presentations on behalf of the member agency.    
  • Marketing and Participation Units:
    Each member organization must participate in activities working toward the partnership with Caring Connection such as attending trainings and annual meetings.
  • New Business Development:
    Each member organization is expected to help to open workplace campaigns with new companies and participate in Giving at Work™ campaigns at open worksites. 
  • Annual Meetings:
    Each member organization must have at least one representative attend two annual membership business meetings. The schedule of meetings will be published in January of each year.
  • Trainings:
    Each member organization must have at least one participant attend a Campaign Presentation Training each year.
  • Recertification:
    Each member organization must submit all paperwork for campaign application to Caring Connection by stated deadlines. In addition, member must make every effort to ensure the materials are accurate and complete.
  • Marketing: 
    Each member organization is encouraged to promote Caring Connection through printed and electronic means (including the organization’s website) as well as display printed materials made available through Caring Connection and Partnership For Colorado.
  • Membership Dues:
    Each agency must pay their membership dues in February of each year. For the first two years of membership, dues are based on the agency’s budget. For the third year and thereafter, dues are calculated on a graduated scale based on campaign revenue. 
  • Offer an internal Giving at Work campaign:
    All member organizations with paid staff are expected to offer employees the opportunity to participate through payroll deduction in the Caring Connection annual fall Giving at Work campaign. 
  • Be an internal ambassador:
    All member organization representatives are expected to ensure that their staff and board understand the principles of the partnership between Caring Connection and their organization.