Marion Downs Center

Primary Care Area: Health Services - Medical
(303) 322-1871

What We Do...

Services include: audiology, speech/language therapies/evaluations, hearing/speech/vision screenings, early literacy program, summer preschool, teen program for deaf or hard of hearing.

In the details...

When Chase was born, he failed his first newborn hearing screening and by 4 months of age, he was diagnosed with bilateral, sensorineural hearing loss that ranged from mild to moderate in the low frequencies to severe in the high frequencies. He was fit with hearing aids right away. Chase has been receiving early intervention speech and hearing therapy since his hearing loss was detected and this has made an incredible impact on his life and the lives of his entire family. But it wasn’t until Chase was invited to join the Marion’s Way Summer Preschool program in 2013 that he reached a new level of potential! This program has given him new confidence, the ability to advocate for himself and eagerness to speak and answer questions. He continues to make huge strides in his education and has been mainstreamed in Kindergarten and doing very well. Without the support, guidance and expertise from Marion’s Way, Chase would not be where he is today!

Make An Impact...

Provide a hearing, vision and speech language screening for 3 at-risk children.

Caring Connection

Help pay for a hearing aid repair for a low-income senior.

Caring Connection

Help pay for a new hearing aid for a low-income senior.

Caring Connection