Douglas/Elbert Task Force

Primary Care Area: Emergency Assistance
Secondary Care Area: Hunger and Food Assistance
(303) 688-1114

What We Do...

Douglas Elbert Task Force provides emergency services to residents of Douglas and Elbert Counties who are in financial distress and at risk of becoming homeless.

In the details...

Myrna: “I am a single mom raising three kids. This past year has been rough. I had my identity stolen and in less than thirty days I lost everything I had and had to move in with a friend in Castle Rock. Then in April, my son got sick with a lot of headaches. They found that he had a tumor on his brain. I started receiving all these medical bills, because the insurance didn’t want to pay, and I realized I have to start paying or I’m not going to get treatment for him. I only cried at night so he could not see me. It was hard. Then one day I came in for my regular visit to the Task Force and Jenny said, ‘You know what? We can help, we’re going to pay your rent next month. We have people who donate so that we can provide services.’ I mean for me, they’re my angels. This place is our little heaven.”
Douglas/Elbert Task Force