Arvada Community Food Bank

Primary Care Area: Hunger and Food Assistance
Secondary Care Area: Family Assistance
(303) 424-6685

What We Do...

We provide our neighbors in need with food and resources to foster self-sufficiency to help then achieve long-term success through innovation, compassion, and community support.

In the details...

Jack, an 83 years old widower lives on a fixed income of $1,000 from Social Security. He had been a client of the Food Bank for several years. He heard from a neighbor that the Food Bank’s Bridges to Opportunity Program might be able to help him save some money that he needed for groceries and to help pay for his prescription medications. He was receiving SNAP food assistance and food from ACFB, but was still struggling. Because Jack, didn’t have a computer and didn’t know how to look for additional help, he needed someone with some expertise to guide him through the process. After an initial interview it was discovered that Jack was eligible for the Medicare Savings Plan which, in turn would help him pay his Medicare Part B and for Social Security’s Low-Income Medicare Part D prescription costs. Jack’s out of pocket expenses have been reduced by more than $5,000 a year, nearly half of is total income.

Make An Impact...

provide a week's worth of emergency food for a family of four.

Caring Connection

provide a child with weekend backpack meals for a full school year.

Caring Connection

provide 10 GED test licenses for individuals seeking to advance their education and improve their situation.

Caring Connection