A Little Help

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What We Do...

A Little Help connects older adults intergenerationally to neighbors who volunteer for vital services that improve quality of life and celebrate our elders.

In the details...

Rose joined in 2007, receiving weekly rides to hair appointments and groceries- a big social outing. Although she received rides, Rose did not participate in social activities we organize. In 2012, during our first Service Saturday!, Rose was hesitant and only allowed our volunteers to rake. After interacting with the volunteers, including kids, at her home, she warmed up and gave us a long list of spring tasks. After this success, we reached out about Scouts and Sages and Rose was finally interested in attending. Rose captivated the girls telling stories of her childhood in their neighborhood and of founding her daughter's troop. Rose has started coming to more events, including summer picnics. At that picnic, the attendees ranged from 3-95 years old, with every generation represented. Before, the longer Rose lived, the more isolated she became, outliving her small pension and social circle. Now, we're filling in her social reach by connecting with neighbors, empowering her to be a valued elder in her neighborhood.

Make An Impact...

support an elder's monthly trips to the grocery store.

Caring Connection

support an elder's biweekly visits the doctor.

Caring Connection

support an elder's yard care and snow shoveling, promoting safety, pride in the home, and increased quality of life.

Caring Connection