Caring Connection Giving at Work Campaigns

Reasons for business organizations to consider hosting annual giving at work campaigns:

Everyone Wins

  • As the oldest running alternative charitable federation, Caring Connection provides the guidance and expertise to design and manage successful Giving at Work campaigns, with outcomes designed to benefit the employer, the employees and the participating nonprofit organizations.
  • It seems that “everyone wins” when business organizations promote generosity and community support to employees through giving at work campaigns.
  • Community philanthropy in the form of giving at work provides employees and managers an opportunity to work together under a company banner to make a significant charitable impact.
  • Giving at work campaigns are fun and spirited, with employees from many levels of the company working toward a common goal.
  • While employees do have the option of giving one-time contributions, studies have repeatedly shown that giving through Payroll Deduction is three to four times more effective than simply writing a check.  
  • Besides the obvious benefit of raising funds to help Colorado’s most vulnerable populations, giving at work campaigns offer benefits for both the employer and employee:

Employer Benefits:

An effective campaign sends a strong message that the business is interested in engaging and motivating employees to help their community.

The campaign helps build a sense of camaraderie among the workforce.

Giving at work is another demonstration of being a good corporate citizen and helps improve an employer’s image in the community and among key stakeholders.

Employees look favorably on their employer for conducting a charitable campaign

A giving at work campaign, as it promotes a culture of giving and sharing, can be an effective tool to improve employee morale, relations, loyalty and retention.


  • When you work with Caring Connection to start a Giving at Work campaign, you won’t be running a “Caring Connection Campaign,” you’ll be running your own signature campaign.
  • We will work with you to make sure the campaign is coordinated to first fit your needs as a business.
  • We have the resources for both paper and online pledge forms and will work with you to brand the campaign to match your business culture.


  • Caring Connection has a wealth of strategies for employee engagement to make the campaign a rallying point for your organization.
  • From food to contests, volunteer days to nonprofit speakers, we can help make the campaign something fun to look forward to every year!


  • Your employees’ interests in charitable causes may vary dramatically—it makes sense to provide a giving at work campaign that provides choice.
  • Instead of giving to a generalized fund, Caring Connection encourage donors to designate directly to the causes they believe in.
  • Additionally, there is no minimum donation when an employee designates outside of our member nonprofit organizations.
  • Studies have repeatedly shown that when choice is added to a campaign, engagement increases.


Employee Benefits:

The campaign is an opportunity to provide exposure to nonprofit organizations and the services they offer in the community, as well as potential volunteer opportunities.

The campaign provides a one-stop charitable giving opportunity to employees, offering the ability to designate to the 501(c) (3) nonprofit of their choosing.

Employees continue to value the ease and convenience of payroll deduction.

The campaign provides a mechanism for employees to donate to nonprofit organizations they may already support through volunteer work or in-kind donations.

It is Manageable

For most people, writing a large check is not always an option—spreading out the donation in $5 or $10 increments over the year can be.

It is Easy

Deduction is done automatically from payroll, so the decision to pledge only needs to be made once a year.

It is Makes a Difference

When employees can give more, directly to the missions they believe in, their giving becomes less abstract and they can take ownership of their cause.

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