Caring Connection Caring Connection Business Model

Caringconn.groupSince 1983, Caring Connection has worked with local employers, individuals and nonprofit organizations as they defend and serve vulnerable populations within our community. Caring Connection collaborates with some of our community’s most effective organization that shelter our homeless, feed our hungry, educate our disenfranchised or provide other critical services that help to make our city stronger.

Our business model and processes continue to guide us in supporting the fundraising efforts of our member nonprofit organizations and participating in and managing effective Giving at Work campaigns.


Not only does Caring Connection work closely with employers, donors and nonprofit organizations. Strategic partnerships enable us to greatly expand our ability to promote our nonprofit members and expand our participation in Giving at Work campaigns.

Partnership for Colorado

Partnership For Colorado – Since 1982 Partnership for Colorado has served to increase donor choice in workplace giving programs. Combining the nonprofit membership of three local federations provides a comprehensive and inclusive lists of charitable choices.

Both Community Health Charities and Community Shares bring a great deal of experience in the creation and management of workplace giving campaigns. Community Shares also provides invaluable services to Caring Connection in the form of donation (cash) processing, distribution and accounting, state-of-the-art workplace giving software (iPledge) and economical collateral and printing services.


Combined Federal Campaign – This highly structured annual campaign provides our qualified nonprofit organizations access to substantially all federal employees and United States military personnel located / stationed in Colorado.


Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC) – The Colorado Combined Campaign was created by executive order in 1988 to improve the state of Colorado by encouraging workplace giving in all departments of state government.


Denver Employees’ Combined Campaign (DECC) – The DECC was started in 1988 when Denver Mayor Federico Pena signed an executive order creating the Denver Employees’ Combined Campaign in order to provide City employees with a “responsive and convenient system of charitable giving through payroll deductions.”

The CCC and DECC campaigns provide Caring Connection and our member organizations access to virtually all Colorado State and City and County of Denver employees


Caring Connection works directly with Community Shares with employers to ensure that monetary gifts reach the intended nonprofit organizations. Paycheck contribution withholdings from payroll department are received throughout the year and Caring Connection distributes donations to designated nonprofits on a quarterly basis.

All gifts are welcome and all designations are honored with no minimum donation amount.  We serve as the proud partner of all people who are ready and willing to work together to make a difference.

Member Qualifications

Caring Connection believes in local nonprofit organizations to build a more vital and vibrant Colorado.  Caring Connection supports our member nonprofits by annually reviewing and certifying them for participation in Giving at Work campaigns.  Our Member Standards ensure that donors can trust that their donations will support excellent, efficient and innovative nonprofit organizations.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Trust and confidence is key. Caring Connection is committed to best practices in Giving at Work campaigns and manages all donations within strict fiducial guidelines. Caring Connection retains a campaign management fee on our annual net campaign total of approximately 15%. Our member organizations are aware of this fee and recognize it as a low cost, highly effective opportunity to reach new audiences and donors.

Tax Deduction Eligibility

Donations made through Giving at Work to member and write-in 501 (c) (3) organizations are eligible to qualify as deductions on individual federal and state tax returns. IRS reporting regulations require that a copy of the pledge form and a copy of the last pay stub of the year showing the total amount withheld as a charitable contribution be provided with tax returns.