Caring Connection Advantages of membership

Formally presenting your organization to the local, regional and state-wide workplace is compelling from several points of view:

  • Giving at Work™ is a proven and potentially significant source of financial support for your nonprofit.
  • Giving at Work™ sites are an additional source of exposure to the universe of donors in our community, exposure that may not come from normal fundraising and development activities.
  • Your nonprofit, after specific qualification, will be presented to Federal employees within the State of Colorado, US military personnel stationed within the State of Colorado, State of Colorado employees, employees of the City and County of Denver and the employees of more than 60 corporations and municipalities.
  • It is estimated that the number of potential donors (employees) represented by the above employers is more than 200,000 people.
  • Not only is your organization well-represented / marketed through print and web-based media, there are numerous opportunities to “present your mission and case” in person directly to potential donors at workplace-sponsored fairs and events.
  • Participating in Giving at Work™ campaigns as a member of the Caring Connection Federation is efficient and effective. The costs of advocacy, marketing and “making the connection” within the workplace are shared with numerous nonprofit organizations.
  • The potential financial outcome, as it relates to average individual donation amounts, is enhanced through giving at work. Individual donors tend to give more in total when the amount can be spread out over a number of pay periods.
  • And, it is easy for the individual donors. Choice in giving and sophisticated yet user-friendly online software makes the pledging process and record keeping easy. Payroll deductions make the giving process convenient.